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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are one option to replace missing teeth. They range from single teeth to multiple teeth.
They can also be used to secure loose dentures and can be used in multiples to create fixed bridges.

In simple terms the implant is a titanium fixture (root shaped) placed into jaw bone to allow a crown/bridge or denture to be stabilised.

The suitability for implants is determined from various diagnostic investigations. A 3D scan can give the clinician a greater understanding of bone structure to allow staged implant planning. In some cases where there is not enough bone to carry out implant work your dentist can discuss options to manage such cases.

Dental Implant issues 

1) Gum disease can still effect implants and is known as periimplantitis.

2) The screw securing the crown can become loose and require re-tightening. A new screw/crown may be needed and may involve further costs.

3) Wear and tear will effect implant crowns, bridges and dentures as and may require re-doing/repairing through the course of time.

4) Remember that the implant is metal and unlike with recession involving natural teeth where dark yellow root becomes visible, with implants it’s the gold or grey collar that will become visible if recession were to occur.