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The special ultrasonic microvibrations of the original PIEZOSURGERY® technique cut bone – and nothing else. No soft tissue is damaged, which allows you to work with a precision that facilitates not only surgery itself, but can reduce post-operative discomfort for your patients at the same time.

A technology with maximum precision and control – and minimal stress for us and our patients.

PIEZOSURGERY® provides micrometric cuts for minimally invasive surgeries with maximum surgical precision and intra-operative tactile sensation.

PIEZOSURGERY® offers maximum intra-operative visibility. The cavitation effect of the ultrasonic movements lead to a blood-free surgical site.

PIEZOSURGERY® can protect any kind of soft tissue. Nerves, vessels and membranes will not be injured when cutting bone. Thus PIEZOSURGERY® can offer maximum safety for surgeons and patients.