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Picasso Laser
Picasso Laser

Picasso Laser

The Velopex Picasso Laser contains two laser – a 10 watt Gallium Aluminium Arsenate (GaA1As) diode laser and a small laser pointer.

The GaA1As laser is ideal for soft tissue (gum) work as it does not interact with teeth or bone. It can also be used for both periodontal work where it sterilises pockets in the gum killing bacteria and root canal work where it can sterilise the root canals of the teeth.

The Picasso laser is not only user friendly but patient friendly. Patients can settle back for treatment without the noise or vibrations of conventional treatments. It also has a comfort setting so that many treatments can be performed without local anaesthetic .
It has many uses and over the years and Mr. Hothi has used it for numerous applications as listed below:

1) Making incisions to uncover implants
2) Gingivectomy – removal of overgrown gum tissue
3) Frenectomy – removal of frenum attachment when closing spaces spaces between front teeth
4) Lower Frenectomy to reduce recession issue caused by the fibrous pull of frenum
4) Removal of fibroma (lumps/bumps) within oral cavity
5) Successful elimination of haemangioma (purplish nodules of unsightly blood vessels from lips)
6) Haemostasis- stop any bleeding that interferes with dental procedures

Advantages of laser use over conventional techniques can be:

1) No bleeding during excision
2) Sterilises area
3) No need for stitches
4) Reduced post op infection risk
5) Reduced post op discomfort
6) Uneventful wound healing